We will begin breeding late 2022/ early-mid 2023 based on when I get my females, keep in mind that nothing is set in stone.

These dates are estimates and depend on when I get my females as well as their ages and heat cycles. As of right now, I just have Niko.

However, I have opened my application process to the public as it is crucial I get to know potential families and build that relationship up early on. Below, I've listed the steps that you can take to express interest and get on the waitlist early!

Adoption Process

1. Fill out an application!

One of the first steps to taking home a KefiKattz kitten is expressing your interest in our cats and kittens and helping us to get to know you better!

Application Form

2. Place a Deposit

After your application is approved, and a litter is confirmed, we will go in the order of approved applications and take up deposits for the litter.

3. How to stay updated

We work diligently to keep our site as well as our Facebook and Instagram updated!